Aragón Radio broadcast from home 12-05-2020

Aragón Radio broadcast from home


Aragón Radio is the commercial brand of Radio Autonómica de Aragón S.A., public radio of the region of the same name, located in the Ebro river basin, in Northeast Spain.

Among the most popular voices in the chain are Paco Ortiz Remacha, Ana Segura, Paco Doblas, and Javier de Solá. All of them and many more now work from home.

The Aragón Radio spokesperson has told us: "The current situation has led us to the need to work from home and from where we carry out Radio programs with the same reception and audience, since listeners do not see a difference in the product in waves. This has allowed us to continue working remotely with all the precautions, and reducing the risk of infection by the coronavirus COVID-19 ”.

Aragón Radio has relied on proximity, equipment, technical solutions and accumulated experience at AEQ, a Spanish manufacturer with which Aragón Radio maintains a close technical exchange.   


In the house of each of the four stars of regional communication, a portable Phoenix Alio audiocodec has been installed, which, by means of the ADSL or home fiber connection of its own home, acts as a transmitting equipment, while in the Studios, two stationary Phoenix Venus3 Dante audiocodecs have been installed as dual receiver equipment, that is, each one supports the connection of two ALIO Audiocodecs. This allows easy two-way IP point-to-point communication between the presenters and the main Radio studio in Zaragoza.

The quality of transmission over the IP network is similar to that achieved with the presence of the announcers in the studio. The equipment has been preconfigured at the station and has simply been connected to the Internet router in each house from where, after starting, they have automatically called the codec and channel assigned in the Central Control of the Zaragoza station. From there, all the controls of each ALIO are remotely operated, not only those for communication, but also the levels and tonality of each microphone and the level of each earphone are remotely regulated. Initially, the controls on the front of the device are locked to prevent errors, and the entire control is remote. When the presenter gets to know his tool, he is given access to use the controls in parallel with the Central Control Room. If the user observes any difficulties, press the HELP button to get the attention of the Central Control Room operator and check the connection.

“It is grateful to be able to count on this line of work and professional solution that AEQ offers us, and thus, to be able to contribute to the programs remotely from home, enjoying all the information and content during this current situation, and in turn with the maximum audio quality and security for users ”says Aragón Radio.

The popular presenters of Aragón Radio Javier de Sola, Presenter of Despierta Aragón Informativo, Paco Doblas, Director of Despierta Aragón Magazine, Paco Ortiz Remacha, Presenter of Aragón Deporte and Ana Segura, Head of Programs of Aragón Radio, show us the radio studios they have set up at home: A laptop, a microphone, a radio-synchronized clock, an AEQ ALIO audiocodec, and a great vocation to help all their listeners with the most up-to-date information.

"For AEQ it is a pride to have participated in ensuring that these magnificent professionals can inform first hand in a safe environment in the face of this critical situation for all," says Guadalupe López, Commercial Manager of AEQ in charge of the needs of Aragón Radio.

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