In spite of COVID19 crisis, AEQ is operating on a regular basis to service TV and Radio broadcasters 11-05-2020

In spite of COVID19 crisis, AEQ is operating on a regular basis to service TV and Radio broadcasters


AEQ is facing this coronavirus pandemic based in remote working as max as possible. Sales and technical support staff, as well as R&D engineers, technical office and administrative staff are working remotely these days from home. Meanwhile, the key staff in charge of assembly, delivery of new equipments and spare parts are working in the AEQ facilities in Madrid. All the tasks comply with our national strict security controls.

Because your radio or television cannot stop, AEQ is here to support you.


During these days, there is a mandatory confinement in many countries because the COVID19 pandemic. So here in AEQ, we are carrying out a series of Webinars called "Stay at home and learn with AEQ". The entire series are designed to help broadcasters with useful information, sharing some cases of clients and general features of our equipment, kind of technical information that is easier to learn during this forced confinement. 

They have been developed so far in Spanish and English languages and are having a massive audience. We are planning to organize also webinars in Portuguese and Russian languages in order to help as many broadcasters as possible.


Here in AEQ we encourage you to contact with us for any need you may have these days: prompt delivery of equipment, troubleshooting of operating equipment, systems planning for future projects, further information about the AEQ webinars, or simply exchanging opinions about the way  this Covid19 situation will modify broadcast services worldwide.

We also want to thank the health workers, food retailers and logistics, civil protection and security forces for their work and dedication these very hard days.

Also, we would like to address a special greeting to all the radio and television broadcasters for maintain the information and cohesion of the citizenship during these dark days.  We believe complete society has to advance responsibly together to overcome the pandemic, without leaving anyone behind.

Therefore, because Radio and Television cannot stop, AEQ cannot stop neither. So we will continue to contribute as much as we can supporting radio and television services, so they can keep carrying on their work in such circumstances.

Gustavo Robles, AEQ Sales Director remarked: “Under these hard circumstances for society and also for the Broadcasters, here in AEQ we would like to remind to our customers, friends and distributors that we are here to support them. We have even reinforced our Communication & Marketing department with the main idea to be closer to you through webinars, emailings, or new videos on our Youtube channel. We hope you are all plenty of health, and please take good care of yourselves. This period will pass, and we will meet again. Until that moment, always a pleasure to have your personal and professional news, our cellphones, whatsapp or skype are always open”.

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