MOSIR PULAWY PAVILION’s audio-visual system updated using AEQ Intercom 07-04-2021

MOSIR PULAWY PAVILION’s audio-visual system updated using AEQ Intercom

The IP system is based on Crossnet matrix, TP 8000 user panels, Xplorer wireless belt packs and Olympia 3 Commentary position


The multi-function Mosir Pulawy pavilion is an important sports arena in the Polish region of Wlostowice, at the country East, and was built in 2020. With a cost above 10 million euro, it offers capacity for more than 4400 spectators.

It is one of the most modern installations of its kind, even at European scale. Apart from holding sports competitions, it will also be used for events and concerts. All the audio-visual systems were installed from scratch as part of the technical equipment implementation, together with a new scenic mechanical system and the stage illumination.

AEQ CROSSNET intercom system was selected among the numerous systems taking part in the audio-visual system of an installation of this level. It was used with TP 8000 user panels, connected via AoIP using AES67-Dante protocol.

AEQ CROSSNET is a compact intercom matrix, with 1U rack height, basic IP connectivity Dante™ compliant -but also compatible with the new AES 67 standard- transporting high quality broadcast audio. Besides, it has high-quality analogue balanced inputs and outputs and supports telephone-bandwidth, compressed audio Kroma legacy IP panels and interfaces, as well as digital-audio Kroma panels. Offering large scalability (it can used to build systems from 40 x 40 to 168 x 168 circuits), Crossnet offers a wide range of external connections: analogue, digital, Dante AoIP and low-bitrate IP ports. The integration of all these connections into the same device allows the user to reduce the required amount of external equipment.

In order to ease operators’ tasks (who, due to their jobs, need to move freely around the building while remaining properly communicated), the provided AEQ CROSSNET system counts with XPLORER wireless belt packs.



AEQ XPLORER is more than a belt-pack; it is a complete wireless intercom user panel. Based on WiFi technology, it features a user interface with a 4 short-cut keys organized in pages, plus another two programmable keys and a multi-function screen. It can operate in association with an intercom matrix or as a Party-Line terminal. Using 5 GHz WiFi eases installation, setup and maintenance of the system, as it is a worldwide adopted off-the-shelf technology, and it even allows for the usage of the existing wireless network. WiFi systems including managed access points can develop a “roaming” function, allowing for the operator to freely move across the whole coverage area.

AEQ XPLORER provides a user interface combining 4 short-cut (in 4 pages), plus mute and menu keys, with a multi-function screen where the controlled keys and destinations can be independently configured. Also, each interlocutor’s input level is displayed, together with the battery and WiFi signal levels. It features double volume controls to provide direct access to the main interlocutor’s level adjustment, differentiating it from the rest. It has reduced dimensions and weight, it is protected against shocks or splashes and can be held by a belt or hung from a lace -using it as a bandoleer-. It has a high-gain internal antenna, provides enough battery capacity to operate for more than 20 hours and can be charged in a multiple base.


In order to finish AEQ technology deployment in the Mosir Pulawy pavilion, the new AEQ OLYMPIA3 was integrated as part of its operating platform. It can be used as an isolated workplace for the journalists who are following the events held in this venue, or integrated with CROSSNET as one more intercom panel. In both cases, the audio produced has the highest quality, thanks to the ES67 / Dante IP connectivity included in the unit.



The complete project, including its installation, configuration, start-up and training has been leaded by the technical staff of AEQ local distributor Tommex, in tight collaboration with AEQ central technical services in Madrid, who remotely collaborated in order to complete the project’s execution during the pandemics.

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