NAB receive "World Radio Day" award, sponsored by AEQ 14-02-2019

NAB receive

The president of the Spanish Academy of Radio, Jorge Álvarez, had the idea to establish/institutionalise the World Radio Day. In January 2008, Mr. Álvarez requested the establishment of this celebration to the General Manager of the UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura. In November 2011, the 36. ª General Conference of the UNESCO proclaimed the World Radio Day. In 2012 the Spanish Academy of Radio boosted the creation of the International Committee of the World Radio Day to promote the annual celebrations of this day and increase the prestige in the world of this broadcast media.

On the World Radio Day 2019, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) received the Spanish Academy of Radio's "World Radio Day" award, sponsored by AEQ. The award ceremony took place at the headquarters of NAB in Washington D.C., where Mr. Jorge Álvarez presented the award to Senator Gordon Smith in the presence of the Spanish ambassador to the U.S., Mr. Santiago Cabanas.




The National Broadcasting Association (NAB) is a commercial association and a lobby group, representing the interests of all commercial and non-commercial radio and television stations in the United States. The NAB association currently represents more than 8300 terrestrial radio and television stations, as well as the transmission networks.





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