Complementary equipment


PHOENIX STRATOS Dual Audiocodec with 2 IP, ISDN, and V-35 / X21 interfaces. Ethernet control from Conexia System. Features SmartRTP connection protocol and it is designed to fulfill with the N/ACIP...


  This NETBOX interface range allows us convert any digital or analog audio within the system to the DANTETM – AES67 standards and make them compatible with the equipment of...

IP linkes

IL 5000 The IP linkers, specially useful with ConeXia, TB7000 and TB3000 systems, turn digital ports into IP ports. They may be used for remote panel connections (with an IP-capable...

Digital and analogue ports Interfaces

COFRES TR7000 y TR5000 The interface frames are connected to the digital ports in a KROMA matrix to allow external audio sources into the talkback system. Two different frames are...

TW 5000 WiFi base station

WiFi base station may be used as an independent system or be connected to an existing digital KROMA system (via the digital ports), or a third-party intercom system (via the...


Standalone commentary unit (CU), or AoIP connected with 8 channels via DanteTM protocol. Scalable architecture: simple routing to DanteTM IP devices; integrated in IP intercom system, or connected to IP...

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