ControlPhoenix, AudioCodec Management

ControlPhoenix, AudioCodec Management

Your AudioCodecs - In Full Control!

The AEQ PHOENIX Family of IP AudioCodecs provides what you would expect from any IP communications platform. CONTROL

Weather it's a single peer-to-peer connection or a multi-code network operation for a large network, with any of the PHOENIX Family audiocodecs in combination with the ControlPhoenix MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE will put you in the position that you always wanted - IN FULL CONTROL!

The ControlPhoenix software allows the control and management of Phoenix Studio, Phoenix Mercury and Phoenix Venus audiocodecs through IP. The equipment can either be part of the same local area network as the PC or workstation that controls them or belong to remote networks. Local equipment are automatically discovered when the application is launched. In order to control the remote units, first of all, they need to be reachable and then the user needs to identify them by their IP address.

In order to control a Phoenix Studio audiocodec operating in ISDN, it is necessary to additionally provide an IP connection that is reachable from the PC where the software is installed.

Subject to a fee that depends on the of user licenses, this application can be installed and run on several computers simultaneously. Up to four different users or application sessions can concurrently control one AudioCodec.



Please email us at to request a demo version of the ControlPhoenix software.


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