Audio mixing consoles

We have audio mixing consoles for broadcasting and production using digital and analog technologies with varying feature levels, but always with all the particular characteristics you need for your broadcast operation: reliability ensuring non-stop operation, excellent audio quality, control and studio monitoring monitor mute, signalling, etc.,etc.


NEW DIGITAL AUDIO CONSOLE FOR ON AIR AND PRODUCTION APPLICATIONS ON RADIO AND TELEVISION ATRIUM is the new digital audio mixer shown for the first time at the IBC 2019....

ARENA Digital Audio Mixing Console

Designed for use with the BC2000 D mixing and routing engine. ARENA’s design concept satisfies the diverse working environments of radio station operations around the world. Easily configured for use...


AoIP multi-channel connectivity made simple Designed for ON AIR use, FORUM IP can incorporate up to 20 faders. Based on its predecessor - FORUM- its recently added features and options...


DIGITAL FOR EVERYONE! Presenting our IP Networked, Ultra-compact digital console. CAPITOL IP is an 8 channel digital mixing console. Its performance is based on the AEQ CAPITOL console and the...


At NAB 1996, AEQ launched the affordable and ‘Cool Stuff’ award-winning BC-300 audio mixer for broadcasting. This console was designed to offer professional technology and features; it delivers the highest...

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