Listener 8 - radio am/fm multichannel receiver

Listener 8 - radio am/fm multichannel receiver

Monitor, listen and easily record up to 8 AM & FM broadcast signals - In just two RU´s!

AEQ presents the LISTENER 8, a new way to see, listen and record your on-air signal and those of the competition.  The AEQ LISTENER 8 is designed to manage the main settings of 8 AM/FM signals in real time.

AEQ LISTENER 8 is a system of eight FM/AM receivers that allows the simultaneous visualization of the main parameters of your radio station such as tuning, lack of sub-carrier, stereo and mute through luminous and acoustic (buzzer) indicators and a front display panel.

AEQ LISTENER 8 has eight outputs making it easy to record the tuned stations, you can monitor the desired station through the built-in speaker or through a headphone port.

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